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Hello there! Yes… you!

My name is Lilly and I would like to thank you for using my app and making it No.1 Period app in 61 countries around the world! That is amazing!
In case you haven’t heard, I am taking over and from now on the app will carry my name. Some other changes will also take place.
For starters, I am making a blog where I will post daily articles on all of the topics you are interested in – from Reproductive Health, Fertility, Fitness, Beauty, through Relationships and Parenthood to Hobbies. Neat, huh?
Help me share the news! Tell your friends, give me feedback and topic suggestions so that we can tailor LillyLogs together and meet your standards.

Here’s to you and let women’s voices be heard!
Love, Lilly

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Lilly's intuituve interface enables you to have an instant overview of your period, fertile days, basal body temperature, birth control and much more. You can also enabe/disable or change order of the certain parts of the layout. Take a note or current mood with just one tap, change application color theme, use notification reminders, automatic backup and enjoy in our feature-packed app for free.

About Lilly Period Tracker


Lilly tracks your periods and can even predict your future periods. If you are trying to conceive, the app tracks ovulation signs to increase your chance of pregnancy. You can use it as Period Tracker for Irregular Periods or Ovulation and Fertility Calculator . Track your period, menstrual cycle, fertility days, symptoms, medications, mood, and more related to your cycle wherever you are! Period Calculator, Diary and Tracker learns from your inputs and makes better prediction of future periods and fertility windows through time. You can finally get relaxed about tracking your period and predicting your ovulation.


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